The Laundry Lady switches its trademark pink for orange this September!

19 Sep 2022

The Laundry Lady, a mobile laundry service, recently swapped out their trademark pink shirts for orange as part of The Sudsy Challenge this month, raising funds for Orange Sky to provide loads more laundry, showers and genuine conversation to friends doing it tough. 

With a passion to service members doing it tough, supporting local businesses and causes, The Laundry Lady team are inspired to celebrate their business’s ten year anniversary with Orange Sky, by supporting and participating in a challenge close to their heart.

“At The Laundry Lady, we too service vulnerable members of the community, including National Disability Insurance (NDIS) and Aged Care customers.”

“We know how important clean clothes are and that ‘conversation at the door’ is.”

 - The Laundry Lady 

While the Laundry Lady is all about the pink, wearing the orange Sudsy shirt with pride in every photo shared on social media, is just one way the Laundry Lady Team are taking on The Sudsy Challenge. 

Laundry Lady CEO, Susan Toft, says “we are putting it out to our 80-plus contractors based right across the country to get behind the fundraising effort.”

“By either spreading the word, opting into the challenge, or donating even a small amount of money, we’re all doing our part”. 

With excitement to fill their social media feeds with Sudsy orange photos, their strong belief in sparking conversation and connection with the community is at the heart of everything they do. 

“We are so excited to be a part of this amazing initiative for 2022. ‘Laundry’ is our middle name, after all!”