The Challenge

What's The Sudsy Challenge?

This September, take on The Sudsy Challenge by wearing the same clothes for three days to raise awareness and funds for people doing it tough.

By not changing your clothes and having genuine conversations with those around you about homelessness, you will be helping to change attitudes, change perceptions and ultimately, change lives.

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So, who is Sudsy?

The challenge takes its name from ‘Sudsy’, the first ever laundry van built by Orange Sky co-founders, Nic and Lucas. It took them three days and three sets of washing machines and dryers to get Sudsy operating. They hit the streets of Brisbane, and met Jordan, who was the first person to use the free mobile laundry service. Through this experience, Jordan taught Nic and Lucas that while clean clothes were important, it’s the conversation and connection that mattered more.

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How It Works

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Take on the challenge of not changing your clothes for three days this September

Start Conversations

Raise funds by talking with the people in your life about why you're doing The Sudsy Challenge

Keep Your Kit On

Wear the same outfit for three days in support of people experiencing homelessness

Meet Remington

"It's a fairly simple process - you come along with your washing at about eight o'clock. There's a big orange bus and about five volunteers. I get my washing done, and it's nice to see the people here. They're friendly people, easy going.

[I'm a] musician, but it's a strange life. Musicians often find themselves on the streets, especially if they get older. I played in the mall yesterday. I made $80, actually. Usually a good day would be 30, 40 bucks.

[I do washing] sometimes in a bucket. But usually Orange Sky is here. I wouldn't be able to do my washing or have these valuable interactions otherwise."

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