Take on The Sudsy Challenge at your school!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Get your school involved in just three simple steps:

Sign Up

Take on the challenge of not changing your clothes for three days

Start Conversations

Raise funds by talking with the people in your life about why you're doing The Sudsy Challenge

Keep Your Kit On

Wear the same outfit for three days in support of people experiencing homelessness

Why get involved in The Sudsy Challenge?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, "how can our school get involved?" - and the answer is simple; help us keep the wheels turning on our 50+ services all around Australia.

We know that not everyone is able to donate or volunteer, so getting involved in The Sudsy Challenge is a great way to not only give back to those in need, but also raise awareness and have conversations about homelessness in Australia.

Sudsy Challenge T-shirt

Every Sudsy Challenger who raises $48 will receive their very own Sudsy t-shirt to wear during the challenge, helping to provide two people doing it tough with fresh laundry and warm showers.

Be our Top Fundraiser

Our top fundraising school will receive a tailored Orange Sky experience including a visit from Orange Sky co-founders Nic and Lucas and Domino's pizza party for your Sudsy participants.

Orange Sky Activity Pack

Check out our fun-filled activity pack! There's loads of fun to be had, with easy ways to talk with young people about homelessness and support kids to have non-judgemental conversations.

Classroom Conversations

1 in 6 young people have experienced homelessness. We'd love for you to use this activity and start conversations about homelessness, and learn about the power of conversation.

Need some help getting started?

Contact us here or get in touch with Kristanna at hello@thesudsychallenge.com

Canterbury College

“Canterbury College has seen a growing empathy towards those who are disadvantaged within our local community. Students participating in the challenge have been more willing to look to answer the needs of our local community, contributing more across a range of service opportunities focused on those in need within our community.

Sudsy is a focal point for our students and a soft entry into social work and social entrepreneurship for them. It introduces students to the needs of people in our community and gives them a practical way they can help.”

- Chris Nield, Director of Student Development

Download our resources to make school fundraising super easy!

Check out all our resources for young people to learn about homelessness, raise some funds and start having conversations!

School Poster

Download a poster to display around your school and encourage your peers to keep their kit on! 

Social Tile

Share your involvement in The Sudsy Challenge with your school community! 

Fundraising Ideas

Here are some ideas to get you started...but don't forget, the sky's the limit!

Download the full resource pack as a zip folder below!

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