About Orange Sky

Orange Sky is a non-profit organisation providing free mobile laundry and shower services to people experiencing homelessness.

Each week, thousands of volunteers give their time to help positively connect some of the 122,494 Australians who are doing it tough. The focus is on creating a safe, positive and supportive environment for people who are too often ignored or feel disconnected from the community.

By raising funds through The Sudsy Challenge, you will be providing loads more laundry, showers and genuine conversations, as well as helping to keep our vans on the road. We currently operate in 43 locations across Australia - but we need your help to reach more friends in need.

Where We Support

Help Orange Sky continue to support communities doing it tough. 

Meet Betty

"When I was living in my car, I felt very unsafe. I was never comfortable, I didn't feel secure, like you do when you have a home. I could never sleep properly, I was always alert. It's not a great way to live.

Coming to Orange Sky's services is very inviting. Even if I can start washing my clothes at my new home, I think I would still come to Orange Sky to chat and catch up with the volunteers. I feel very grateful that there are so many charities that have been there to help me."

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How your fundraising helps

Our Services

Funds raised through The Sudsy Challenge supports Orange Sky's free laundry and shower services in 38 locations across the country.

Our Volunteers

Your support ensures that volunteers are able to provide a space for conversation and connection at over 340 shifts every week.

Our Friends

By keeping your kit on, you are bringing us closer to our goal of supporting 40,000 friends in Australia and New Zealand by 2025.

Other Ways We Support Our Community

Community Recovery Support

Orange Sky supports people and communities impacted by natural disasters or other unexpected life events. In times of crisis, we are there to support where and when it’s needed most.

Remote Communities

12 of Orange Sky’s services operate in remote Australian communities. In partnership with local organisations, we aim to bridge challenges with laundry access and costs, and support employment opportunities for First Peoples.

Laundromat of the Future

We partner with amazing laundromats who are keen to support Orange Sky’s mission by allowing our service to regularly run from their location. It’s about creating bigger impact, but in a more efficient way.

Social Impact Laundromat

Located in Adelaide, the Social Impact Laundromat operates just like a regular laundromat, but all funds go towards supporting our free mobile laundry and shower services across Australia, allowing us to help more friends doing it tough.

Innovation & Imagination

From building our largest ever vehicle in less than a day, to creating the world’s first solar and battery-powered 'Waru' dryer (pictured above), we’re passionate about finding new ways to support our community. 

How many ways can you change a life?