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Get the gang together for The Sudsy Challenge and help raise much-needed funds and awareness to support people experiencing homelessness. It's an opportunity to experience just one aspect of what our friends manage on a daily basis.

Opt to wear the same shirt for three days, spark conversations about homelessness, and raise funds to support Orange Sky's free laundry and shower services. Every dollar you raise will help to ensure that our services are available for people when and where they need it most.

How It Works

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Take on the challenge of not changing your clothes for any three days

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Tell anyone who'll listen why you’re keeping your kit on to support Orange Sky

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Lucas Patchett, Orange Sky CEO & Co-Founder

"Our research shows that employees want to get to know their colleagues, but they may not know how to start these types of conversations. The good thing is that there are so many different ways to build connections, and The Sudsy Challenge provides a simple platform to make this happen.

Orange Sky has 2,400+ volunteers connecting out on shift every week, so we know just how important those meaningful conversations are to strengthen that sense of community within workplaces."

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Sudsy is about more than just daring to re-wear

There are so many incredible benefits to signing up your workplace in The Sudsy Challenge. Not only does it support team connection and engagement, but you'll be helping to change the conversation around homelessness in Australia.

  1. Support your community: By taking on the challenge, you'll be helping to take a load off the shoulders of people experiencing homelessness and hardship.  

  2. Connect with colleagues: Research conducted by Orange Sky revealed that 77% of employees who participate in team building activities feel more connected to their colleagues. With more workplaces being open to flexibility than ever before, connection has never been so important.

  3. Meet your CSR Goals: The Sudsy Challenge is a great way to engage your teams in an initiative that makes a positive impact in your community, raising funds to directly support people who are experiencing homelessness.

  4. Merch & Prizes: Alongside kitting out fundraisers with our Sudsy t-shirts, there's prizes up for grabs as an extra incentive for all the competitive folk. Nothing like some friendly office rivalry to bring the team together.
  5. Be part of the conversation: Homelessness in Australia is on the rise, and the cost of living crisis is making it harder for every day Australians to get by. Help us change the conversation around homelessness - and the lives of those doing it tough.  

Hear from the Aurizon Sudsy Challenge Team

"It’s a fantastic opportunity to raise your own and other’s understanding of the homelessness challenge in Australia and the hardship faced by so many on a day to day basis.

It provides an opportunity to drive connection across your team and be focused on achieving a fantastic goal together - raising money for an important charity that is genuinely changing lives."

Cat Peppler, Group Executive Corporate - Aurizon

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