Sophy’s Sensational Sudsy Tips

28 Aug 2023

Sophy has participated in Sudsy for the last two years with her workplace, REA Group, and she’s back for round three in 2023 - so we thought who better to ask for some Sudsy top tips as you prepare for the big three days. Notebook at the ready!

#1 Go far, and go wide. And don’t worry - you’re not being annoying!

The key to success is getting your campaign in front of as many people as possible. Update your profile pics, keep your fundraising URL copied and ready to paste, and be a little bit shameless - it's only for a short time. It can feel like you're being annoying but realistically not everyone is going to see every time you share. If someone can't donate, they won't, but if they can they either will at the time, or be thankful for the reminder later on.

#2 Make it personal

You’re doing Sudsy for a reason, so share it! Let your friends, family and colleagues know why the work Orange Sky does is so important to you. There’s nothing that makes people more inclined to donate than feeling inspired or personally stirred by the cause - so don’t be afraid to tap into this.

#3 Have fun with it!

Just because the cause is serious, doesn’t mean your fundraising campaign has to be. At REA, we like to make as many puns as we can and offer a prize to one lucky donor to choose an outfit for our CEO to wear at the next company-wide Town Hall. So far, we’ve seen the Chief Elf Officer, and Neo from The Matrix. Since we introduced this prize, our donations have gone up - it works!

#4 Healthy competition goes a long way

Whether you’re competing with members of your Sudsy crew, other teams, or with yourself, competition can be the make or break - particularly towards the end of your campaign! Try upping your personal fundraising goal, or letting your friends know that someone else is just a few dollars ahead of you.

Reach out if you’ve got a crazy idea, need some help getting started or just want to have a chat! Every dollar you raise provides more friends doing it tough with access to clean laundry and warm showers - so thank you. There are so many ways that you can get involved and we can’t wait to see what you get up to.