Join the Sudsy Challenge and Change Lives: Hear from St Rita’s Sudsy Champions!

21 Aug 2023

Are you ready to make a meaningful impact and bring positive change to your school and community?

The Sudsy Challenge is back to change the conversations about homelessness and to raise funds and awareness to support the 122,494 Australians experiencing homelessness. 

At the heart of this movement are educators, students and schools like St Rita's College - who stood out last year by raising over $25,000, making them our top 2022 Sudsy School!

Returning to The Sudsy Challenge for yet another year, Fran (Student House Leader) and Michelle (Head of House) from St Rita's House 'Rosa' shared their experience with us - showing how a simple act such as keeping your kit for three days can create awareness and generate important conversations in schools to wash away the stigma surrounding homelessness.

For Fran, the motivation to keep her kit for three days is crystal clear: to raise awareness for homelessness in Australia and worldwide.

“Orange Sky is a great organisation to spread this message throughout our school community and the wider community as well. 

My school house group 'Rosa' has been taking on The Sudsy Challenge as a team for about five or six years now, and it has just gotten bigger and bigger each year - the amount of support is insane. It is so simple to get involved; it is just wearing a shirt for three days, but it just creates so much awareness and conversations in our school."

For Michelle, The Sudsy Challenge is a simple and easy way for students to support their local community and instilling the values of giving back and compassion. She encourages all educators and teachers across the country to take part in it as well.

"I just want to reach out to all teachers and educators across the country and say that it is incredibly easy to take on The Sudsy Challenge. The way in which Orange Sky have set up their website and actually pinpointed how students love to engage, means that it gains so much momentum and support within your school community. The message and conversations it generates are absolutely fantastic!”

Michelle also mentioned how important it is to have Orange Sky's founders, Nic and Lucas, as inspirations for the students.

“Having Nic and Lucas as people who our students look up to is wonderful. They started this concept and this dream when they were at school which has shown our students that it sometimes does not take much, but a small idea and a passion is all you need to start doing something for good. I don't think there could be a better message for our youth and our students of today."

Get your school community together to join in the fun! Teachers, students or the whole school; keep your kits on for three days in support of Orange Sky and people doing it tough. Take part alongside St Rita's College in September or choose any time throughout the year that suits your school's calendar.