Taking on The Sudsy Challenge for the first time

26 Sep 2022

Our Sudsy Challenger Tahli, can’t help but feel excited to take part in the challenge for the first time. 

Throughout Tahli’s life, witnessing the struggles faced by our friends in the community helped her appreciate the comfort of living under a roof, having access to warm showers and clean clothes. While most people are blessed to come home to their own washing machine and a fresh set of clothes, Tahli views The Sudsy Challenge as a reminder to give others the same blessing.

In working with vulnerable people in the community and having conversations with colleagues and friends, creating a supportive community network is the first step in making someone’s day a little brighter. 

Tahli’s love for working in diverse communities, has helped her gain the support she needs for taking on The Sudsy Challenge this September. 

“Everyone has the same equal rights to have access to clean laundry and shower facilities no matter what we look like, where we come from or who we are.” 

For Tahli, The Sudsy Challenge is an opportunity to connect with people doing it tough. Putting on the kit for three days will not only spark conversations with the community, but help Tahli gain insight into the experiences of many vulnerable people.

Tahli’s decision not to change clothes for three days and her committment for only using deodorant and toothpaste, will be her personal way of showing what The Sudsy Challenge means to her. Tahli hopes to tackle the stigma around people experiencing homelessness through participating in the challenge.

“So far I have found The Sudsy Challenge to be such an eye opener”

Inspired by the mission of Orange Sky Australia, Tahli has continued her impact by signing up to become a volunteer and is looking forward to giving up her Monday mornings to “share my love, light, conversations, acceptance, non judgment, proactive and positive approach to anyone I will have the pleasure of giving a hand to.”

With the 28th-30th of September fastly approaching, Tahli’s message for people to feel valid and loved, cements her mission to be there for all members of the community in times of need. 

“We can all, as one, make someone’s day a little brighter”