Kul Singh, REA Group takes on The Sudsy Challenge!

29 Sep 2020

REA Group has supported Orange Sky for a number of years through sponsorship, workplace matched giving and even donations from coffee sales at their Melbourne office cafe, Bean Counter. As top fundraisers in our 2019 Sudsy Challenge, REA Group are back again this year with more participants and a great champion on board - Sales Director, Kul Singh.

Kul chatted with us about why taking on The Sudsy Challenge was more important than ever in 2020.

“Being based in Melbourne, during our second lockdown, it's very easy to look inward and feel sorry for yourself. 

 The goal of being part of The Sudsy Challenge is to look outward with a sense of gratitude and awareness of people who are doing it tougher - physically, emotionally and financially.

The fact that people are doing it tough is amplified now everyone is at home in safe, secure shelter. For my peers and colleagues, it's easy to feel you're trapped during lockdown, but really it’s a privilege to have a safe and secure home.

I remember seeing the co-founders of Orange Sky, Nic and Lucas, present at an REA Group event and being inspired that they could see a problem and do something about it. 

I love that REA Group can be a part of the Orange Sky family through all of our community programs. 

I was raised in a challenging neighbourhood in South Auckland, New Zealand, which helped to create an awareness of families and individuals doing it tough. It also provided me with perspective early on in life on the key themes of inadequate, overcrowded housing and family violence.

We’ve had three times the staff engagement this year for The Sudsy Challenge, it's a great way to further our partnership and keep people excited about Orange Sky. I love getting on our meetings and seeing everyone’s Sudsy challenge Zoom backgrounds. On weekend four, I’ll be wearing my Sudsy t-shirt, loud and proud alongside 28 people from the REA team.”

The REA Group team has absolutely smashed their fundraising and is one of our top fundraising teams for The Sudsy Challenge. you can support the REA Group team here