I'm keeping my kit on, you should too

01 Sep 2022

I participated in the first Sudsy Challenge and I have been a volunteer with Orange Sky Australia in Canberra so I was keen to get involved again. I am located in Grenfell, however, nearly everyone in the community knows about the Orange Sky Australia story. My community has been very encouraging with family and friends also supporting The Sudsy Challenge.

Through my involvement in The Sudsy Challenge, I hope to reduce the stigma around homelessness. With the cost of living rising and the pressure on many people within our community, I am hoping that the challenge allows people to open up and seek help where they need it, and also make everyday Australians understand the hardships others are going through and support the cause. 

Noreen was one of the hundreds of amazing Aussies who have signed up to the challenge to give a voice to those who often don’t get the opportunity to use it. 

When I did The Challenge the first time, I thought three days would be a breeze, but after pulling off my socks I had worn for three days, I cried. I felt so much emotion, to think there are more than 116,000 Australians who are homeless. My parents were also refugees and were displaced for a very long time before they could call their home, their home. Through Orange Sky Australia, I have connected with many many homeless friends and the challenge gave me a deeper appreciation of what they go through, every single day.

This year, I have decided to do my challenge between 13 and 15 September. I selected these days because I will be very visible in my community. Thursday 15 is the Weddin Shire Council meeting day and not only will I be in three-day old clothes, I’ll be streamed live to our community. We generally get over 1,000 views of our council meeting. I hope to get lots of people in my region talking.

As a former Orange Sky volunteer, the experience changed my life. I was the previous service manager for Orange Sky in Canberra and through that experience I connected with so many friends who shared so many stories. Some sad, some happy but most importantly it’s the genuine connections that I will forever cherish.

By joining Noreen and keeping your kit on for three days, you are not only raising funds to support our services, but you are changing attitudes and perspectives about homelessness, and changing the lives of Australians experiencing homelessness. 

Don’t change clothes but change lives, join Noreen and sign up to The Sudsy Challenge today https://bit.ly/3oVxT75