Fuel Sydney takes on Sudsy!

10 Sep 2020

Here at Orange Sky, we are so lucky to have incredible people from all different communities jump on board The Sudsy Challenge. Fuel Sydney is a young team of marketing and design professionals who signed up to keep their kit on after seeing QBE get involved. We caught up with Fuel Sydney Director, Sara Roe on why the team is passionate about supporting the community and what their plans are for the next three days!

Chris and I (directors of Fuel Sydney) are passionate supporters of a number of charities and also run our own charity, Bikes 4 Life

After watching the third installment of Filthy Rich & Homeless, and having done some previous personal volunteering, we immediately wanted to do more, so the team began exploring options.
The Fuel team decided to sign up for The Sudsy Challenge when we saw a post by QBE Insurance on Facebook. We discovered what it was all about, started our own conversation at work, and everyone was immediately on board.
We are a very tight knit team, most of us having worked together for eight plus years, and we all support each other's individual passions. We involve ourselves as much as we can in local initiatives and also include corporate charity days in our annual planning
We have something planned for one of the days when we are all wearing our Orange Sky t-shirts. We are heading to our local pub for lunch (as we do every Thursday) and plan to create some attention by placing orange balloons and ‘conversation bubbles’ on our table.

As a group we want to start conversations between us and in doing so, will hopefully attract interest from other patrons, which will then in turn start new conversations. This is our first year doing the Sudsy Challenge and we are all looking forward to it.

Sign up – why not? The cause is worthy, the Orange Sky model is so simple, brilliant and important and we can all play a part in keeping this incredible initiative running for years to come.
The Fuel Sudsies team is absolutely smashing their fundraising and is one of our top fundraising teams for The Sudsy Challenge. You can check their profile and support them here