From one orange shirt to another

26 Aug 2022

Keeping your kit on for three days may seem simple, but The Sudsy Challenge is more than a fundraiser; it is a growing movement of everyday people doing something extraordinary for those doing it tough. 

Megan from Orange Sky’s Perth volunteer team is swapping her regular orange shirt and donning a new kind for three days and having simple but powerful conversations in her community. 

For Megan, doing the challenge for the second year in a row was a no brainer, thanks to the incredible support from her community. 

“My experience last year in the Sudsy Challenge was amazing! I received incredible support from friends, colleagues and even random strangers. It was great to be able to bring awareness to the challenges of those friends experiencing homelessness.”

Each September, participants all over Australia and New Zealand can take on The Sudsy Challenge by wearing the same clothes for three consecutive days. Along with raising funds for Orange Sky, participants are encouraged to challenge the stereotypes and stigmas associated with homelessness by chatting with people around them! Each year we see our Sudsy community taking conversations to new heights, by finding new and creative ways to engage their community. 

“With support from friends at work (and their delicious baking!) I will hold a fundraising morning tea, like I did last year. It's a great way to be able to talk to people about my role at Orange Sky, and what it means to me.”

Every week, Megan pulls out our six orange chairs on shift to sit down for a chat with friends and her fellow volunteers. The Sudsy Challenge is just another way that she can spread the joy of connection with her community. 

“My Sunday morning shift in the Perth CBD is an absolute highlight of my week. Connecting with friends and providing a place they feel safe is really special. The gratitude friends show is overwhelming.”

From the army of volunteers on shift, to the hundreds who take part in The Sudsy Challenge, every person can make a huge impact for our friends experiencing homelessness.

Don’t change clothes but change lives, join Megan and sign up to The Sudsy Challenge today