Don’t change clothes, change lives! The Sudsy Challenge is BACK

05 Aug 2022

When Nic and Lucas fitted out the first van with washers and dryers back in 2014, they never could have imagined the incredible impact that Orange Sky would have on countless Australians experiencing homelessness. The Sudsy Challenge is our annual fundraising initiative and was created so more everyday Aussies could get involved in our mission to ‘positively connect communities’.

Who is Sudsy, you ask?

‘Sudsy’ is Orange Sky’s first mobile laundry van, which was built in a Brisbane garage by Co-Founders, Nic and Lucas, at the age of 20. It took three days – and three sets of washing machines – to get the first van working and operational, which inspired the three-day Sudsy Challenge. 

The Sudsy Challenge is back in 2022 to raise much needed funds and awareness for Orange Sky. We challenge you to wear the same clothes for three days in a row, sparking conversations about homelessness in Australia and the importance of providing access to free laundry, warm showers, and genuine connection for our friends doing it tough. 

With more Sudsy Challengers on board, our ability to provide friends with a safe space to access our services increases. We want to see as many Orange Sky vans driving around the country as possible, fitted out with washing machines, dryers and six orange chairs – so we need your help! 

The Sudsy Challenge is more than just repeating an outfit. It’s about educating people on the current state of homlessness, and helping to wash away some of the stigmas surrounding homelessness. It is about creating a safe and positive environment for people who feel disconnected from their community. This September, we’re asking you not to change clothes. Instead, wear the same outfit for three days and help change the lives of our friends doing it tough.

How can you get involved? 

Pick one of the three C’s – Challenger, Cheerleader or Contributor. 


If you’re interested in taking part in The Sudsy Challenge, sign up via our website, start those conversations and get fundraising! You can sign up solo, in a pair, or in a group! Once you’ve reached the $24 milestone, you will receive your very own Sudsy t-shirt in the mail to wear during the challenge. We know life is busy, so we’ve made sure you have the option to pick any three days in September to do the challenge. 


Where would our Challengers be without their Cheerleaders? Get ready to support your challenger when they need it, whether it be a simple pat on the back, a shout out on your social media page or sharing their fundraising page in your group chat. Speak up to support your mate as they #KeepTheirKitOn and help spark those important conversations about homelessness in Australia.


Another way to support Orange Sky is to donate to a Challenger. Just $24 provides a friend doing it tough with access to free laundry and a warm shower, and allows our volunteers to provide connection for those who need it most.

We encourage you to get creative when rocking your Sudsy t-shirt, and we can’t wait to see what you get up to in your orange kit. Remember, conversation and connection underpins what we do at Orange Sky, so don’t be afraid to have some life-changing chats.

Talk to your community about why you’ve chosen to take on the challenge. Share your #SudsyChallenge experience with your Instagram or Facebook followers, or even vlog your day in the orange for Tiktok! Whatever your style is, we’re excited to see how you get the word out. 

When you take on The Sudsy Challenge, you’re committing to much more than just wearing a t-shirt for three days. You’re contributing to a nation-wide movement to start the conversation about homelessness, so we can continue to provide support to Aussies doing it tough. 

Sign up today