A Team Building Initiative with a Social Conscience

10 Aug 2023

In September, organisations across Australia will join Orange Sky’s annual event, The Sudsy Challenge, to raise awareness and funds for homelessness by wearing the same clothes for three days. 

Orange Sky supports the 122,494 Australians experiencing homelessness by providing access clean laundry, warm showers and meaningful conversations.

The Sudsy Challenge is an opportunity for people to experience just one aspect of what our friends manage on a daily basis.

Having a safe place to call home, a clean set of clothes or someone to talk to can be sadly out of reach. That’s why we’re committed to positively connecting communities with the help of our 2,000+ volunteers, Sudsy participants, corporate partners and supporters. 

Learn more and register your Sudsy team today

The rise of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has allowed individuals to give back to their community through workplace initiatives - like The Sudsy Challenge - that help to:

  • Increase employee wellbeing: Community team-building initiatives give individuals an opportunity to bring their whole selves to work, learn about a cause, or share a passion with their workplace. The Sudsy Challenge is a great way to get together in the office and still include your remote colleagues. 
  • Engage the workforce with their community: On shifts across the country, our volunteers are closely connected to the lives of Australians doing it tough. Your support allows our washers to keep spinning and conversations to keep flowing.
  • Promote education and skill development: For some people, homelessness is a highly stigmatised issue that they may not have considered before. Others may have first-hand knowledge of the challenges of hardship. Through The Sudsy Challenge, organisations are provided helpful resources to start conversations in their office, homes and communities. Informing their teams to empower empathy and connectedness. 
  • Create positive social impact: With the support of our partners, we improve our ability to make a positive difference in the lives of Australians doing it tough. Every conversation sparked and dollar raised ensures that our services are there for people when and where they need us most. 

If you are on the hunt for more ways to connect your workforce while achieving CSR goals, get in touch with us about registering a team for The Sudsy Challenge. With plenty of resources and direct support from our Orange Sky team, we can all generate more positive impact in the lives of Australians experiencing hardship. 

If you would like to take on The Sudsy Challenge this September or are interested in a corporate partnership with Orange Sky, get in touch with us here.