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Support people experiencing homelessness and keep your kit on!

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Take on the challenge of not changing your clothes for three days.

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Fundraise by talking with the people in your life about why you're doing The Sudsy Challenge

Keep Your Kit On

Wear the same outfit for three days in support of people experiencing homelessness

What's The Sudsy Challenge?

Keep your kit on for three days to raise awareness and funds for people experiencing homelessness or hardship. 

By choosing not to change your clothes for three days, and talking about it with the people in your life, you will be helping to change the conversation around homelessness - and the lives of those doing it tough.

By signing up and fundraising $48, and we'll send you your very own Sudsy t-shirt to wear during the challenge. 

Meet Cass

On any typical Orange Sky shift you will always see one van, six orange chairs and genuine conversations shared between our volunteers and friends.

Every one of these people has their own story, and often it’s not what you’d think. They’re people like Cass, who was forced to move into her car when she got cancer and had to stop work.

Visiting the Orange Sky shift every Friday means Cass has access to a warm shower, clean clothes, and most importantly, a chance to share stories and a laugh with the volunteers.

"It's the little things that just turn an ordinary day into something a little bit special.” Clean laundry is what brings people to Orange Sky – but connection is what makes this simple service life-changing.

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Orange Sky acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional custodians of the land across Australia.

We pay our respect to Ancestors and their descendants who hold a continued cultural and spiritual connection to the land, seas and community and would like to recognise and uphold Indigenous knowledges and contributions of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We are committed to working together to create a positive future.