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Thanks to everyone for helping me hit my target! I’m aiming even higher!


I’m keeping my kit on for The Sudsy Challenge!

I'm not changing my clothes for three days to help change the lives of people experiencing homelessness. I took part in this challenge last year and got amazing support by raising over $700, this year I’m aiming higher! 

This September, I'll be taking on The Sudsy Challenge to raise funds and awareness for Orange Sky - an organisation providing access to free laundry, warm showers and genuine conversation.

Every dollar makes a difference, and I'd love if you could support me by making a donation!

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Thanks to my supporters!


Robyn Verrall

I love that you are going to change the world. Xxx Live aunty Robbie


Jonathan Stewart

Do good works and you'll work it good. X


Jacqueline Verrall

Very proud of you, always Aunty Jacq ❤️


Amy And Marcus Verrall

We’re so proud of you Naomi. Then you for caring for others.


Daniel Stewart


Terina Monteagle

Thank you for caring and raising money.


Grandma And Grandpa

You are wonderful Naomi- we are proud of you. xxx


Susan Sullivan


Nanny And Dodds

Well done, love Nanny and Dodds


Naomi ??


Naomi Verrall

Dawn's Story

Dawn discovered Orange Sky the way that many people do; seeing a big orange van parked up in a local neighbourhood. Each week, Dawn brings a small bundle of washing on the bus to Orange Sky’s shift in Sydney's Western suburbs.

"I like that you can come here, get your washing done, have a little bit of a chat and talk to your neighbours. It's a great foundation. This has been a benefit to a lot of people, including myself."

- Dawn, Orange Sky Friend.